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  • Get Fierce (Lose Yourself)
  • Face
  • I'm The Shit
  • Fun Tonite
  • Kisses & Feathers

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VANITY FAIR: Catching Up with BeBe Zahara Benet

BeBe Zahara Benet still gets a familiar nickname wherever she goes. Just a few days ago, the drag queen and inaugural winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race was at the airport when she heard it again, bellowed from across the room. “I was going to catch my connecting flight and somebody just screams ‘Cameroon!’ ” she tells Vanity Fair with a laugh. “It’s almost like they don’t even know my name anymore.” Benet (real name: Nea Marshall Kudi Ngwa) was born […]

Introducing: ATOMA

Local, national, and international celebrity Bebe Zahara Benet is reclaiming Minneapolis along with the groundbreaking band, ATOMA. Bebe Zahara Benets drag career took The Twin Cities by storm and eventually landed her as the first winner of the critically acclaimed show RuPaul's Drag Race. With her success she has been touring internationally and just returned from performing off Broadway hits in New York City, such as Vanity, Reveal, and Creature. Bebe is a celebrated television personality, recording artist, and visual [...]

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