Introducing: ATOMA

Local, national, and international celebrity Bebe Zahara Benet is reclaiming Minneapolis along with the groundbreaking band, ATOMA. Bebe Zahara Benets drag career took The Twin Cities by storm and eventually landed her as the first winner of the critically acclaimed show RuPaul’s Drag Race. With her success she has been touring internationally and just returned from performing off Broadway hits in New York City, such as Vanity, Reveal, and Creature. Bebe is a celebrated television personality, recording artist, and visual drag performer from West Africa, specifically Cameroon.

She has teamed up with the multicultural music group, ATOMA, to bring her audience through a musical journey around the world. ATOMA, the Cameroonian word for The Tribe, formed out of the rising need for world music in The Cities. Renowned musicians from all over Minnesota discovered Bebe’s talent and asked her to join. Inspired by her background they decided to use the name ATOMA to represent their musical aesthetic.

Alongside original hits, ATOMA takes decades of pop music and reimagines it as worldly art works. The core of the group comprises; Bebe, Kevin Washington, Spencer Christensen and Tagi Maalik. To diversify each performance ATOMA brings special guest singers, DJs and musicians to perform with them. With a strong musical and visual aesthetic Bebe and ATOMA bring guests through a world music experience all in a single evening.

Check out some behind-scenes-photos of ATOMA shooting with Minnesota photographer Dennis Driscoll.